Fur coats – it’s really elegant, warm and cozy ware. But the biggest popularity it having in Russia. Warmish and chic this one catching an eye by celebrities, fashion designers and all fashion lovers all over the world. But the sellers are cruel! A lot of them trying fool peoples by selling a fake fur.

There are some tips to indentify fake fur! Listen carefully!

Firs of all – the lablel! While purchasing a new fur coat you need to have a look on a lablel. Sometimes it’s not give 100% of originality, but it’s deficiency means the fake. Brand salons are highly recommended! Want you to notify that Alexandros Fur’s proving all king of fur products only with labels, this is why a lot of customers in love with our business.

The second, bilks trying to imitate milk by other types of furs, as example: a rabbit, a beaver and a fox. The main thing you need to remember that milk fur – is shining and sole-colored, but at the same tame it having a strial design. Usually the colors are: brown, gray and azurine.

Going to the texture. Commonly the fur is firm and keeps it’s shape as well. Keep your eye on a undergrowth fur, if the product having the natural color it’s easy to match some light-colored hairs.

Than the seamy side. If the ware having a good quality, usually it’s easy to put off the seamy side. This back side should have a stamp, to confirm the quality. All fur peaces should be put together as neatly as it’s possible.

The last one – coloring. The well cored fur shouldn’t leave traces of paint. Use a wet wipe to quantify.

Our company hoping to be as useful as it possible! Watch the news to be into fur fashion.